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Drainage Pump

• Drainage pump and hose connector.
• Blue lay flat hose(with male connector)

Fee: £ 5.00 for 4 days

Condition: B - Fair
Brand: Karcher
Code: RM-0265
Serial: 16455120309425

• Karcher SP3 Dirt drainage pump for shifting large volumes of water, 7,000 litres of water per hour.
• Float switch to automatically turn on, if an area starts to flood, can also be held in place above the pump to clear the last remaining water, however you must monitor the pump when doing so.
• Can use a standard garden hose to pump the water away if required, using a tap adapter to connect the hose to the pump.
• Designed for dirty water containing dirt particles up to 20 mm in size.
• Option to fix the float switch for switching to continuous operation.
• Comfortable Carrying Handl, can also be used as a rope holder.
• Sturdy and easy to attach prefilter as accessory, protects the pump against excessively heavy soiling and thus prevents the pump pump impeller from becoming blocked.

Watch the Kärcher YouTube Video, below.

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