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Garden Leaf Blower and Vacuum

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1 x Cordede garden leaf blower
1 X Collection Bag
1 X Carry Strap

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Condition: A - As new
Brand: Spear & Jackson
Code: RM-0041

Spear & Jackson S30BLV Garden Leaf Blower and Vacuum
• 5 Kilograms
‎• 45 litres capacity
‎• Corded electric
• 3000 watt.
• Blow speed 100-300 km/hr.
• Variable blow speed, Vac speed 300 km/hr.
• Vacuum capacity 13m³/min.
• Features a mulch/shred action that will compress the leaves and debris.

Highly versatile garden blower and vacuum

3-in-1 performance to vacuum, blow and shred. Clear paths and gardens of leaves, blow to clear under hedges ready for mulching or simply shred.

Shredding while vacuuming, leaves are shredded into 15:1 compaction – perfect for mulching or composting.

Takes the strain of the weight for the debris collected on the strong sturdy wheels and a shoulder strap, to protect the operator's back.

The bag is emptied by unzipping over a compost bin, no need to remove.

PPE required Obtain ear protection & Safety Glasses.
Wear them at all time while operating the machine
All ways wear long trousers and substantial footwear.
Do not wear loose clothing or Jewellery.
User manual
Wear ear protection Yes
Wear eye protection Yes


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