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Fee: £ 3.00 for 4 days

Condition: B - Fair
Brand: Black & Decker
Code: RM-0048

Black & Decker Jigsaw KS633E
• Power Input: 400 Watt
• No Loads Strokes: 800-3200
• Depth of Cut - Wood: 65 mm
• Depth of Cut - Steel: 4 mm
• Depth of Cut - Aluminium: 10 mm

Blades not supplied

PPE required Dress properly. Do not wear loose clothing or
jewellery as they can be caught in moving parts.
Rubber gloves and non-skid footwear are
recommended when working outdoors. Wear
protective hair covering to contain long hair.
• Use safety glasses. Use a
Use respiratory mask Yes
Wear ear protection Yes
Wear eye protection Yes
Wear hand protection Yes


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