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Electrical line detector

•  Branded Tin container
•. Detector
•. Paper Manual

Fee: £ 1.50 for 4 days

Condition: A - As new
Brand: Bosch
Code: RM-0449

Easy to use Bosch Truvo Multi Detector for cables, metal pipes (including copper) and other metal elements.

• Live Wire Detection: The cable detector locates live wires up to depths of 50 mm and warns users with a blinking red light and beeping signal

• Metal Detection: The Truvo can also act as a metal detector, locating magnetic and non-magnetic metals at depths of up to 70 mm and 60 mm respectively

• Auto-Calibration: The wall scanner automatically calibrates once the device is placed against the wall and will recalibrate when placed in a new position

• 3-Color Indicator: The LED light turns red for a detected object, yellow for a nearby object, and green when no object has been detected

• Warning Signal: A beeping signal indicates when the cable finder is getting closer to a detected object

Batteries required

User manual

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